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" from The Sunny Islands "
`Okinawa,Hawaii & Trinidad`

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1 Tiida No Kuni
( : Islands in The Sun)
mp3 "Tiida" means "The Sun" in Okinawan - Japanese.
The Music style of this song is Trinidad Calypso (Soca) featured with The Steel Pan( Low Tenor) . You can get Tropical feeling with this song.

2 Hai No Komichi
( : Southern Breeze Avenue)

"Hai" means "Southern Wind" in Japanese archaic word. Okinawan still use this word for the place name.
By impressive mosaic rhythm of "Udu" which is Nigerian Pot Percussion, you can feel the beat like warm southern wind

3 Sujigwa Sanpo
( : Back Alley Walk)
mp3 gSujigwah is back alley in Okinawa.
At public markets in Okinawa which is called " Kosetsu-Ichiba ", We often see old women who work hard and pleasantly.
This Shuffle beat just fits for them.

4 Tuki Nu Kaisya
(: What a Beautiful Moon)

This traditional song about the beauty of The Moon is famous in Yaeyama Islands (the district in Okinawa) and often play with The Sanshin.There are so many relations between Sanshin and Yonshin that I play this beautiful song at first in recording.

5 Kumoji
( : The Course of Clouds)
mp3 "Kumoji" is double meaning or pun which means "Passage of clouds"or the place name in Naha, Okinawa.
You can image clouds in the blue sky or down town area in Naha City with this "walking bass" rhythm.

6 Kekali Nei Au mp3 This traditional song is famed for "wedding song" in Hawaii.
Although Hawaiian people originally sing this song as male-female mixed chorus, I play this harmony with exquisite balance by The Yonshin and Steel pan

7 3*4 mp3 Left Channel : Sanshin / Right channel : Yonshin
I attempted to play the limit of possibility of these two music instruments.
Letfs enjoy the inter-play of them!

8 Ayahashi Wo Watatte
( : Across The Splendent Bridge on The Sea)
mp3 "Ayahashi" is quote from Okinawan classical literature "Omorosoushi" which means beautiful bridge.It is also the nickname of Okinawa-Kaicyu-Douro (over-sea road).Letfs Drive to the Yokatsu Islands in Okinawa with comfortable Cuban rhythm!

9 Ichihanari No Shima E
( : Go To The Most Far Island)
mp3 Ikei-jima(island) is often called gIchihanarih which means gmost far islandh.This island is the terminal of Okinawa-Kaicyu-Douro just like Key-West,Florida. The large sugar cane field and beautiful natural sea spread out as far as the eye could see in gIchihanarih

10 Cyura Bana
(Pretty Flower)
mp3 "CyuraBana" means Beautiful flower in Okinawa.The TV drama "Cyurasan" brought the fame throughout Japan to this Okinawan word "Cyura-".You may image hibiscus or bougainvillea with Brazilian Beat of this song.

11 Song of The Banana Boats
mp3 It is famous as old Jamaican work song and typical Calypso.Many musicians has often remade this song and used the theme song of Japanese Major League baseball pitcher Hideo Nomo,Play style is the Calypso "call and response" by Yonshin and Steel pan

12 TinNuMuriBushi
( : The Milky Way)
mp3 "TinNuMuriBushi" means The Milky way in Okinawa.
This serenade reminds you of the beautiful tropical night sky with Sweet tone of Yonshin.
As You listen, you may want to go to tropical islands.

All Songs composed by T.sakurai(except Tr.4.6 &11)

All Music Instruments
(Yonshin,Steel Pan,ukulele,Bass,Keyboards ,Percussions)
& Programing by Takahito Sakurai

Photo Works and Design by s-art

Special Thanks


ChindamiSanshinTen (Okinawa)

Produced by T.Sakurai